Amanda Rose


Hey all!

Amanda here, but I go by Mandy.  Mandy Rose sounds more like a country singer than a photographer, or I've found out also a WWE wrestler as well. You learn that when you take your kids to a wrestling event and the crowd is yelling out, "Mandy Rose sucks!".  I almost fought someone that day. Rose, last name, not my middle name!

I live in Valparaiso, IN with my hubs, two kiddos, pooch and two fish.  I've worked in banking, as a 911 operator, and a nurse for 12 years, but none of it was me.  I'm random, no filter, love to wander (physically and mentally).  I'm a gas station coffee girl, I only order smoothies at Starbucks.  Gasp!  (I don't even know what grande, tall and whatever are.)

What I love to photograph?  My favorite is couples hands down.  I love emotion, movement, laughter.  I want to go on adventures, I want to explore, I want to travel.  Take me with you!

I'm always growing as a person and a photographer and I'm glad you stopped by to meet me on my computer screen.  I'd like to say I always look this put together, but that wouldn't be the truth.  

I'm happy you're here, now go send me an email on the contact page:)


Mandy is a natural light photographer, servicing NW Indiana, SW Michigan and the Chicagoland area.  She is available for travel.  Mandy specializes in couples, engagements, elopements, wedding, boudoir, seniors and family photography.