B Family Lifestyle Session I St. John, Indiana

I've had the pleasure of photographing this family now three times.  This session, I learned so much more about them.  What an AMAZING family.  I won't go into specifics, but more families should be like this one.  They have a heart of gold and don't bat an eye about it.  If you think your life is hectic, theirs is ten fold, but has to also be ten fold in the rewarding department.

We started out the session making some yummy cake balls, coloring, hanging out in their rooms.  We took some time with the baby, had a little meltdown over not seeing the photos on the back of the camera (four kids, one out of four melting down is pretty good odds).  The photographer shouldn't have promised that and forgot.  Sheesh.  It was a beautiful day so we got some outside time too.  We did a little bit of everything and it was perfect.  As you can see when you scroll along, there is one kiddo that loves the camera a little more than the others and may or may not have changed wardrobes half way through.  She may have been the one who also needed to see the back of that camera.  Can you blame her, she loves that spot light?!

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!



I LOVE that she loves to read. I LOVED even more that her brother and sister could bother the crud out of her and she kept reading and acted like they weren't there :)

This one LOVES the camera.